Scouting the Divine--Available Now!

The newest short-term Bible study from Threads is now available … just in time for the new year. Scouting the Divine: Searching for God in Wine, Wool, and Wild Honey joins author Margaret Feinberg as she explores biblical metaphors in our modern-day context. Feinberg spends time with a shepherdess in Oregon, walks the fields with a farmer in Nebraska, explores a vineyard in California, and talks with a veteran beekeeper in Colorado.

Along the way, Feinberg gains deeper insight about how Scripture applies to life today and discovers answers to puzzling questions. Do sheep really know their shepherd’s voice? How often does a grapevine need to be pruned? What does it mean for a land to be described as overflowing with honey?

Click here to check out the preview video, download a free sample, listen to a podcast with Feinberg, sample the playlist, and purchase your copy of Scouting the Divine today.


  1. Fran Leiss says

    In the workbook it tells us to look at the playlist and I seem to be having trouble,e finding it. I get Error 404 or something like that. How do we find these things

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